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E-Design...  What is it?  E-Design is just what it sounds like.  Interior Design services but more budget friendly and you can do it in your pajamas if you want.  It is perfect for the DIY clients that would like to do the installation themselves but are not sure how to bring the whole look together.  There are no timelines to complete the project as our clients purchase the items as their budget allows.  As the best part, the designs are charged on a flat rate fee and not an hourly bases such as traditional design.   

E-Design is NOT pre-made designs.  Each design is is uniquely tailored to fit your vision and to tell your story.  It is not cookie cutter and you won't have a space that looks exactly like your neighbors.*  


By following 5 simple steps shown below, you can redesign your whole house or just a single room all online.  Your home should be a place that you love coming home to and should reflect your personality and story.  E-design is a fun way to accomplish this without breaking the bank..  If you like DIY but just need a designer’s expertise to help you tie your design ideas all together, then this design service is perfect for you.

*Furniture and accessories in our designs are retail products as opposed to custom items and may appear in our designs more than once, but the design is duplicated.

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Step One - Design Questionnaire & Consultation

First we have to learn a little about you and the project you are looking to complete.  Our quick and easy questionnaire helps us learn more about your preferences as well as your budget and timeline.  It also a convenient way for you to share photos and dimensions of your space.

Design Samples

Step Two- Receive Design Concept

We then get to work on creating gorgeous design boards for your space so you can clearly see your vision becoming a reality.  We will source the perfect products that match your personality and style.  Two design boards are created so you have a couple of options to review.   Because we like options in our own life, we offer several packages to work with any one's budge and can even customize a package for you. 

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Step Three - Receive Feedback & Changes

After reviewing your design boards, you tell us what products you love and which ones that well, you are just not feeling so much.  We will tweak the design boards so you are 100% in love with your new space before you ever purchase any products.  

Image by Dee @ Copper and Wild

Step Four - Shop the Look

Let's go shopping!  Included with your design boards, are detailed shopping lists with clickable links to the retailers.  You can buy everything at one time or purchase them over time depending on your budget.   

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Step Five - Putting the Space Together

Now the best part... Using the detailed floor plan that we provide, you get to put the space together and complete the vision.  We will provide detailed notes and tips and tricks to help you with every step.  And with our post project support, we are always here for you if you get confused. (We don't do furniture assembly though so please don't call us on that.  I still have nightmares from some of ours!) 

Have fun and enjoy the process and we will see you on the next project!

Satisfaction Assurance

We are honored that you chose us to be a part of your design project!  We strive for excellence in our service and work to make sure that at the end of the project, your project is what you had envisioned and you love it.