What We Do



We offer all the objective, expert advice you need to showcase your home’s finest features so you get the best price possible. This service includes a detailed phone interview, buyer demographic research, checklists for each room of the home, recommendations for furniture arrangement and space optimization for each room.

We also include color advice and emotional connection points in each space, so buyers fall in love!


Home Staging

We know moving is stressful and getting your home ready to sell while planning all the details for your move can be overwhelming.  Not to worry!  We will follow a detailed Staging Report and you won’t believe the transformation that can happen in just a few short hours just by using what you already own and love!  We offer several staging options that fit your budget and needs.


Home Styling

We believe that successful design is the art of using organizational and interior styling techniques to create an environment that is comfortable, stress free, beautiful and personal to you.  It allows home owners to say, “I love and feel at home in each room of my house!”


We artfully use what you already have in new and fresh ways, while incorporating tried and true decorating rules throughout the home, so that when you step into your house you “feel home.”  You’ll say, “This is it.  This is the home I envisioned that is a perfect reflection of me.”  


MLS Photography

Making a powerful first impression is more important than ever.  High quality photos help your listings stand out which attracts more buyers and potentially sell the property for a higher sales price. We  showcase the home's best features, putting your listing in the best light possible.

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