How to Create a Beautiful and Productive Home Office

Ok, let me start by stating the obvious. More and more people are working from home these days. Thanks Captain Obvious! I know! But we are talking about home offices today and it is just a fact that having a beautiful and productive space to work in your home is more important than ever. The kitchen table gets old real fast. But we all don't have a dedicated room in your house for an office I know, but that doesn't mean you are doomed to a sore neck and back. We have some great tips to help you create the perfect work space using the area you do have.

Let's start with the most important pieces for your office, the desk and chair. Again, with the obvious I know but I am not talking about just any desk and chair here. It is important to spend some time and get this one right from the start. Not only does it have to fit in the space but it needs to be functional for every day use and ergonomical as well. We spend at least 8 hours a day behind a desk so you should never forgo comfort for beauty when it comes to this. The 4" killer heels however, are totally fine. A corner desk is a great option for small spaces.

One of the many benefits about working from home is no longer have to suffer with fluorescent lighting. Can someone say Hallelujah??? But what kind of light should you choose? Well the answer to that is...It depends. Not very helpful I know but there are several factors that come into play for lighting. Things like how many windows are in your space and what kind of overhead lighting you have will help to determine the kind and quantity of lighting you will need. There are so many options out there from functional to fun. Have fun with this and let your choice reflect your personality.

Shelves are a great way to add storage but they can also be a great way to display beautiful accent pieces. Who says your office can be beautiful and fun while also being functional? Like lighting, the choices are endless and can be used to show off your style. Floating shelves are excellent space savers and a fun way to display your accessories.

Have you ever met a person whose desk was a chronic mess but they were super productive and knew right where everything was? Well, I am not that person. I have to have organization in my life or I start to get twitchy. So, naturally organization had to be on my list. When space is limited, you obviously can't have a credenza but organizers such as this one are a great option. They are compact and fit right on your desk. Think vertically and take up wall space instead of desk and floor space.

Create a green space and I am not referring to an energy efficient green space. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I am all about saving energy and helping our planet. I am referring to plants however. A green space can be a park, your yard and yes even your office. Studies show that the human brain finds it easier to meditate and be mindful in a green space. Green spaces help to improve memory and attention span. So by adding plants to your office space, you are increasing your productivity, cleaning the air and making your soul happy. A total win!

I hope these tips have inspired you to transform your home office space. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook and share pictures of your office space. We would love to see them! If you are having trouble getting inspired, reach out. We would love to help you transform your office.

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