Interior Design and Storage Tips for Apartment Living

Even though you may not own the space you are living in, it does not mean that you have to forgo beauty and great design. There are many ways to create a beautiful and inviting space while maximizing storage by simply using décor. (No paint required.)

Use furniture that has a dual purpose

There are many ottomans and coffee tables on the market now days that serve a dual purpose of function and storage like this Tufted Rectangle Ottoman from Wayfair. It opens to reveal a good amount of storage and can serve as a coffee table with the addition of a nice tray and accessories placed on top. Function and beauty all in one. Oh and did I mention... It is actually quite affordable. That is a win, win, win.

Armless accent chairs

Armless Accent Chairs can be quite versatile. You can use them at a dining room table but you can also use them in the living room for additional seating. Keep them separate or push two together to form a loveseat depending upon your seating needs. I can't get over how completely versatile this arm chair is. It's a single seat, a chaise and even a bed. Beats an air mattress on the floor any day.

Office space

Don't have room for an office in your apartment? With more people working from home, space for an office is essential. After a while, the kitchen table just doesn't cut it any longer. One solution to this is a small corner desk like this one. The view is not great but you can say you have a corner office. And as a bonus you get several shelves for storage. Extra storage is always a bonus.

Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables are not only quite popular right now but they are also very functional. They can be kept together to conserve valuable space or you can separate them and spread them out when entertaining. Either way they provide beauty and functionality.

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors are probably one of the easiest ways to make a space look not only brighter but also bigger. Many interior apartments can feel dark due to the lack of windows. By using a mirror (or two like in the picture), you can reflect the light from window which brightens the room and gives it the appearance of being bigger. These little accent mirrors also add a nice design element to the space. Don't be afraid to use more than one mirror as shown above this fireplace.


Rugs are a great way to lighten up a space and also bring some color in. I love the fun pattern and colors in this area rug. When buying and area rug, make sure it is big enough that the front legs of your couch and chairs can touch the edges of it. This grounds your furniture and ties all the pieces together.

Formal Entry

Ok, so most apartments don't have a formal entry, but that doesn't mean you can't create one. By adding stylish hooks, baskets, and even a mirror for last minute touch ups, you can create a very inviting space. This coat hook also allows for some decorative touches as well so once again providing function and beauty.


As an artist, I would be completely remiss if I did not include artwork in this list. Art brings any space to life. It can help to showcase your style and personality. It brings in color and can lighten spaces and it has an affect on your mood. I love photography as well but I have to be honest, I am more partial to art. But this is your space so you use what feels right for you and tells your story.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows are a super fun way to add personality and color in a space. It is also one of the easiest ways to do a refresh in a room. You can change them out for the seasons and holidays. The possibility are endless. And here is a storage tip... Pillow covers are easier to store when not in use so buy the size insert that you want and then just purchase pillow covers for them. I recommend at least a 20x20 pillow insert for a nice fluffy pillow on the couch.

Removable Wallpaper

The last tip I have is removable wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a big comeback and has changed a lot over the years. You can now just peel and stick the paper to the wall. No glue or water to wet the glue is required. And when you are ready to change it or move, you just peel it off with no sticky residue according to the manufacturer. This is an excellent way to make a bold statement without making permanent changes. There is also peel and stick backsplash. What???

As you can see, there are many ways you can have beautiful home décor and style even in the smallest of apartments or rental units while maximizing storage space.

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